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Project Description
This is a library of PowerShell scripts for working with Microsoft SharePoint Server, version 2007 and newer.

I have some scripts that help when developing SharePoint workflows. I have others that help when building out an intranet site (in particular, adding Announcements, Links, and a Calendar to a site).

If you are working with MOSS 2007, many of them depend on Zach Rosenfield's Get-SPweb function that he posted to his blog at I have additional information about these scripts on my blog at

Feedback welcome. Code reviews welcome.

Update 23 July 2008: Got Zach Rosenfield's permission and included his script in the project. It defined a number of handy functions beyond just Get-SPWeb! See Define-SharePoint-Functions.ps1 (

Update 3 March 2009: This project mentioned on SharePoint Pod Show. See for details and another PowerShell script (not yet added to the project).

Update 16 June 2010: Most of these scripts should work under SharePoint 2010 too. Note that SharePoint 2010 comes with a library of PowerShell cmdlets so that you don't need to define your own Get-SPWeb (for example),. Also see for more examples of PowerShell scripts for SharePoint.

Update 8 September 2013. Many of these scripts work under SharePoint 2013 too. Note that from SP2010 on, you don't need the script that defines Get-SPWeb because those are built in.

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