Build and Deploy for MOSS 2007

Aug 1, 2008 at 6:18 PM

I have been hit with the task of building and deploying our new MOSS 2007 based web platform.  I have yet to see any source code but I was told that  all deployments would be MOSS 2007 solutions and feature sets via VS05.  Yet I have seen/read very little information on how to automate this process.  I have a strong background in Teambuild and powershell.  All of our development is via vs05 sp1 with TFS v1 (2005) sp1 and we use TFS deployer to automate build package deployments.  I have many of PSH scripts that fully integrate TFS and webMethods, webSphere, Informatica,  documaker, and SQL; now I am hoping to add Sharepoint (MOSS 2007) to that list. 

With that said, I was wondering if you could point me in a direction on how to get started.  I mean, when I found this project I was expecting to see a function like import-Solution, but I add I saw add-link, add-calendar, etc.  My hope is you are working on it, and I would more then happy to help.